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Overview: I use Ezoic to show ads on my site. It uses many ad exchanges such as Google Ad Exchange to bid against my Adsense ad inventory, and the winner will be shown on ad placements.

Problem: Google Ad Exchange wins most of the time, but there will be times when other ad exchanges win the bid. I want to block all ad exchanges URLs/sources/scripts/whatever it is- From loading because Google AdExchange provides a feature to see what users are seeing and blocking unsuitable ads.

I'm looking for a way to monitor all external URLs loading on my site and block ones coming from ad exchanges except Google. I'll be happy if there's an online tool that does just that.

Thanks for any help.

What I have tried:

Ezoic has an ad-blocking feature, but it does not block a whole ad exchange.
I'm not a programmer so I can't get far from this.
Updated 14-Sep-22 21:14pm

Talk to Ezoic: they will know their product much better than we will.

Though to be honest, I wouldn't bother with them: going to their site to find a tech support link for you failed when I tried to use the "manage settings" button and got a never-ending spinner instead of a settings page. If they can't even get that right as the first point of contact with them I wouldn't proceed any further - and indeed I didn't ...
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