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Hello everyone,

I am new to programming and currently I am creating an application using python and PyQt with controller/joystick, using the pygame library. When I integrated the controller module, I created a while loop to handle all controller inputs, but the application crashed.

What I have tried:

So to prevent the application from crashing, I used the multithreading solution (Multithreading in PyQt With QThread) and created a thread where I moved my controller object to. My code is based on this tutorial The application isn't crashing anymore, but when the controller thread starts, the GUI becomes very slow and with a delay of time whenever I click on something.
Here's an extract from the code:

class Window(QMainWindow):
	def __init__(self):
		#create button for controller
        controllerOn = QPushButton("Controller On")
	def onControllerOn(self):
        if(self.controllerFirstConnexion == True):
			#create thread to handle controller inputs
            self.thread = QThread()
            self.worker = Worker()
            #do all the connections
			#start thread
		while(self.worker.controllerConnected == True):
			self.reportProgressxyz(self.worker.x, self.worker.y, self.worker.z)
	def reportProgressxyz(self, xx, yy, zz):
		#do something 
	class Worker(QObject):
	    def run(self):
			joysticks = []

			#connect controller
			for i in range(0, pygame.joystick.get_count()):
			self.controllerConnected = True
			if pygame.joystick.get_count() == 1:
				while (self.controllerConnected == True) :
				#get input from controller

So now I have 2 while loops, one in the main thread and the other one in the controller thread. I thought the purpose of multithreading is to have multiple event loop functioning correctly at the same time, and yet my GUI is super slow when I use the controller.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

If I am not clear, please tell me so that I can explain more, this is my first time asking a question in here and I'm a beginner so bare with me.
Thank you so much.

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