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I need to store some state, I receive in the processor, for each of the StepExecutions separately. For this purpose I created a step-scoped bean, which I try to inject:

@RequiredArgsConstructor(onConstructor = @__(@Autowired))
public class SomeConfiguration
// here go the job definition with one step, which has a reader, writer and processor
    public SomeProcessor processingStep(StateService s)
        var processor = new SomeProcessor();
        return processor;

    // StateService is an empty class
    @Scope(value = "step", proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.NO)
    public StateService stateService()
        return new StateService();

Whatever I do, I get either NoSuchBeanDefinitionException or ClassCastException, since Spring Batch doesn't get along with its proxies. How to use @StepScope in Spring Batch? There is literally no documentation about how these @StepScope and @JobScope work, just an incomplete example here (only a declaration example, no clues of how to use step-scoped bean).

What I have tried:

Calling stateService bean directly:

Changing ScopedProxyMode to all possible values;

Injecting stateService directly into processor:
public class SomeProcessor implements ItemProcessor<EFrom, ETo>
    // ...
    private StateService stService;
    // ...

Removing @EnableBatchProcessing annotation from configuration file.
Updated 12-Oct-22 7:37am

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