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there is a complex program compiled in java. I'm tasked with finding a problem in this app. I monitored this app and I know where the problem is.
i loaded the entire app's folder in IntelliJ. it decompiles the app just fine but only the "Method breakpoints" are hit; I guess the debugger cant sync the bytecode with source.
i need to stop at at certain point, I cant step till function's end because there are some loops in it that will take forever to step.
any hints how can i do this?
if there are any other IDEs that can handle this please let me know.

I used "Procyon" to decompile a jar and now i can debug just like i intended.
but the problem is I don't know how to pass a directory to procyon so it decompiles all jars in folder and its subfolders.
any tips on that?

What I have tried:

googling and lots of it
there are some tutorials for eclipse but they are so old and what ever i tried i just hit errors.

tried to attack the decompiled sources to jar files, but still i cant stop at normal breakpoint, the debugger just ignores them.
Updated 21-Oct-22 6:10am

how to pass a directory to procyon so it decompiles all jars in folder and its subfolders.
You are more likely to get the answer from the person who wrote it: Java Decompiler · mstrobel/procyon Wiki · GitHub[^].
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reverser69 21-Oct-22 12:51pm    
im afraid i cant find what i want.'but via searching, i found a command that DOES fullfil batch opertaion but mixes all files:
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar c:\procyon\procyon-decompiler-0.5.30.jar -o . *.jar

i want to output every jar to a folder named after that jar files name.
any tips on how to modify the above command?
for anyone who encounters my problem:

i couldn't find Procyon command to resolve this issue so created a script to handle it. I know so little about batch script commands and I somehow put together this script with so many trial an errors; it sure can be done in a more professional way.
I tested the output and sources are synced with bytecode line number.

@echo off

Set "PROCYION=C:\*****\procyon-decompiler-0.6.0.jar"

for /r %%i in (*.jar) do (
 if not "%%~ni" == "dbg" (
 cd "%%~pi"
  md "%%~ni" && start /WAIT java -jar "%PROCYION%" --suppress-banner -sl "%%~i" -o "%%~ni"
  cd .
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