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i have a api look like this:-

public async Task<IActionResult> testapi([FromForm] testdto _testdto)
    var abc = _testdto;
    return Ok();


and my model look like this:-

public class testdto
    public List<mylist> _mylist { get; set; }
public class mylist
    public string  num { get; set; }
    public string status {get; set; }

i am passing value like thta:-

  "num": "test",
  "status" : "success"

i call my api through swagger and pass values in mylist but i am unable to get those value. it always show count 0. can any one suggest me the solution

What I have tried:

i convert List into array but still got same result.
Updated 25-Oct-22 23:39pm
Graeme_Grant 26-Oct-22 4:37am    
yep, you set the response to null, so no values are returned. Here:
Response response = null;
TCS54321 26-Oct-22 5:03am    
it's just a dummy code. here i did not get value in _testdto when u call my API
Graeme_Grant 26-Oct-22 5:18am    
I agree with the other comments below.
GuyThiebaut 26-Oct-22 5:08am    
Can you show us the actual text you supply swagger with for testdto?

I imagine you should be passing in an array of strings, something like this:
TCS54321 26-Oct-22 5:36am    
i am passing values like that:
"num": "test123"

check the updated question

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