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Hi, I have an issue with the query and I am struggling to figure out why. I'll paste the query and the error below. Thanks in advance for your help!

              count(*) AS due_total,
              count(id) filter(where status = 'early') AS dispatched_early,
              count(id) filter(where status = 'on_due_date') AS dispatched_on_due_date,
              count(id) filter(where status = 'late') AS dispatched_late,
              count(id) filter(where status = 'not_yet_dispatched') AS not_yet_dispatched,
              (count(id) filter(where status in ('early', 'on_due_date')) / count(*)) AS otd_percent
                  date(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) AS day,
                  date(sosh.date_time_stamp) AS dispatch_date,
                    WHEN date(sosh.date_time_stamp) < date(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) THEN 'early'
                    WHEN date(sosh.date_time_stamp) = date(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) THEN 'on_due_date'
                    WHEN date(sosh.date_time_stamp) > date(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) THEN 'late'
                    WHEN date(sosh.date_time_stamp) IS null THEN 'not_yet_dispatched'
                  END AS status
                  liab.sales_order_header soh
                  left join liab.sales_order_summary sos ON sos.sales_order_header_id =
                  left join liab.sales_order_status_history sosh ON = sos.dispatch_printed_id
                  soh.customer_id not like "327%" -- test orders
                  AND sos.current_status_id != 19 -- cancelled status
                  AND YEAR(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) = YEAR(NOW() )
                  AND DATE(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) >= "2022-10-29"
                  AND DATE(soh.original_estimated_dispatch_date) != DATE(NOW())
            GROUP BY
            ORDER BY
                day ASC

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(where status = 'early') AS dispatched_early,\n              count(id) filter(whe' at line 4 (1064) (SQLExecDirectW)")

What I have tried:

I have checked for comas or typos errors
Updated 31-Oct-22 2:10am
Richard Deeming 31-Oct-22 7:17am    
count(..) filter(...) doesn't look like any SQL / MySQL syntax I've ever seen, and I can't see it documented:
MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: Counting Rows[^]

Which version are you using, and where did you get that syntax from?
Member 15758970 31-Oct-22 8:10am    
Ahh that would make sense. I was using this syntax in Azure Databricks but I have no idea what dialect is that. Do you know if there is something reflecting this functionality in MySQL?
Richard Deeming 31-Oct-22 8:26am    
For MS SQL Server, I'd generally use:
SUM(CASE WHEN «condition» THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

I suspect something similar should work in MySQL.
Member 15758970 31-Oct-22 8:45am    
Thank you!

1 solution

FILTER was added to the SQL spec in 2003, but it is barely supported even today - I believe it might be in the latest version of MySql, but it isn't part of Sql Server at all: The FILTER clause: Selective Aggregates[^]
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Member 15758970 31-Oct-22 8:46am    
Thanks a lot!
OriginalGriff 31-Oct-22 8:57am    
You're welcome!

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