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//Write a function variableNameify(words) that takes in an array of words. 
//The function should return a string representing the variable name obtained 
//by combining the words and captitalizing them in mixCased style.

function variableNameify(words) {
    let startTime = new Date();

    firstWord = String(words[0].toLowerCase());
    newArray = capitalize(words.slice(1,words.length));

    let endTime = new Date();

    console.log((endTime - startTime) + ' ms')

    return newArray.join('')

function capitalize(arr) {
    return => {
        return element.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + element.slice(1).toLowerCase()


variableNameify(['is', 'prime']) // => 'isPrime'
variableNameify(['remove', 'last', 'vowel']) // => 'removeLastVowel'
variableNameify(['MaX', 'VALUE']) // => 'maxValue'

What I have tried:

The below code works, but it is extremely messy!

I think the Time Complexity is 0(1) and the Space Complexity is... O(3)?
I'm getting 1ms to complete the whole kit and kapboodle, but that doesn't seem right.
Updated 2-Nov-22 22:40pm

1 solution

Seems simple enough:
const variableNameify = (words) =>, index) => index === 0 ? word.toLowerCase() : word.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + word.slice(1).toLowerCase()).join("");
If you want to measure the time:
const measureTime = (fn, args) => {
	const startTime =;
	try {
		return, args);
	} finally {
		const endTime =;
		console.log("Call to", fn, args, "took", (endTime - startTime), "ms");

console.log(measureTime(variableNameify, ['is', 'prime']));
console.log(measureTime(variableNameify, ['remove', 'last', 'vowel']));
console.log(measureTime(variableNameify, ['MaX', 'VALUE']));
On my machine, the execution time is too small to measure; all three calls show it taking 0ms.
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Chris Aug2022 3-Nov-22 13:52pm    
I appreciate it. It seems so obvious when I read your solution. I haven't had much practice with using the dual return method for true/false. Definitely something I will have to practice.

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