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Hi All,

I have two html page. First page contain 7 and second page also contains same 7 dropdown. Here only different is, if first page passing a parameter like show only 4 dropdown in the second page then should show only 1 to 4 dropdown in the second html page. Otherwise 6, then only show 1 to 6.

How can I implement this using c# code because I am using Blazor technology ?

What I have tried:

Can I use like:-
@if (frstPageDropDownPageNo == 5)
 <RadzenDropDown1 />
 <RadzenDropDown2 />
 <RadzenDropDown3 />
 <RadzenDropDown4 />
 <RadzenDropDown5 />
else if (frstPageDropDownPageNo == 2){
<RadzenDropDown1 />
 <RadzenDropDown2 />
Updated 7-Nov-22 18:46pm

1 solution

I am a bit rusty on my Blazor and only took a quick look at the Radzen components for this, but what I would do is create a component that can have multiple drop-downs based on a parameter passed to it like so:


    while(dropDownCount < DropDownAmount) {
        <h5>Dropdown @(dropDownCount+1)</h5>
        <Radzen.Blazor.RadzenDropDown TValue="string"/>

@code {
    private int dropDownCount = 0;

    public int DropDownAmount { get; set; } = 0;


This is very basic but a good starting point. You could then use this component like so:

    <MultipleDropdowns DropDownAmount="5"/>
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