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I have two list but i need to join them after another element.

This is the example:

A = [[1,1,1], [1,0,1], [1,1,1], [1,0,1], [1,0,1]]
B = [[1,1,0], [1,0,1], [1,1,0], [1,0,1], [1,1,0]]

I need to have a list something like:

[[1,1,1], [1,1,0], [1,0,1], [1,0,1], [1,1,1], [1,1,0], [1,0,1], [1,0,1], [1,0,1], [1,1,0]]

If you dont get it heres an example with variables:

 A = [a, b, c, d, e]
B = [f, g, h, i, j]<pre>
<pre> [a, f, b, g, c, h, d, i, e, j] 

What I have tried:

A = [[1,1,1], [1,0,1], [1,1,1], [1,0,1], [1,0,1]]
B = [[1,1,0], [1,0,1], [1,1,0], [1,0,1], [1,1,0]]

for i in A:
    A.append(B)(for i in A[i])
Updated 7-Nov-22 4:20am

1 solution

Try this:
res = []
for i in range(len(A)):

But that will only work if A and B are the same length
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CPallini 7-Nov-22 9:59am    
Richard MacCutchan 7-Nov-22 12:20pm    
Thanks. I could not solve it with either list comprehension or zip().
CPallini 8-Nov-22 15:58pm    
I tried as well, without success.

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