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I have a calendar. I want to display date in format like(Sat Nov 12)

but currently, It is showing like(11/12/2022).

But Required format(Sat Nov 12).

What I have tried:

$(function () {
                numberOfMonths: 1,
                onSelect: function (selected) {
                    var dt = new Date(selected);
                    dt.setDate(dt.getDate() + 1);
                    $("#txtTo").datepicker("option", "minDate", selected);

Also, I have tired like this type
$(function() {  
    dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'
  }).bind("change", function() {
    var minValue = $(this).val();
    minValue = $.datepicker.parseDate("yy-mm-dd", minValue);
    minValue = minValue.getDate() + 1;
    minValue = $.datepicker.parseDate("ddd MMM,dd", minValue);
    $("#txtFrom").datepicker("option", "minDate", minValue);

but ,it's not working correctly
Updated 10-Nov-22 12:21pm

1 solution

I did a quick Google Search: jquery datepicker format - Google Search[^] and found many helpful results.

Here is the first result found: jQuery UI DatePicker - Change Date Format - StackOverflow[^]
There are many others if the above is not suitable.
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