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i am working on C# code i need to convert java sql table to c# sqlite table there are 800 table i should convert

What I have tried:

is there any online website to convert java sql table to c# sqlite table .If any one knows please let me know
Updated 16-Nov-22 2:40am
CHill60 16-Nov-22 4:06am    
What is a "java sql table"? For that matter what is a "c# sqlite table" - be explicit in what you are trying to do and share the code you have already tried
Ailiseu Brigitta 16-Nov-22 4:08am    
ya i have already tried it and i convrted 84 table
CHill60 16-Nov-22 4:12am    
If you are going to reply then use the "Reply" link. Post the code you have used and phrase your question explicitly. OR if you no longer have a problem then delete the post
Ailiseu Brigitta 16-Nov-22 5:02am    
can you help me how to delete this post
CHill60 16-Nov-22 5:19am    
Unfortunately, now a solution has been posted we cannot do that. Sorry

SQL Tables aren't "Java" or "C#" - they are language independent and just exist within the SQL Server instance.

I'd start by using Google: convert SQL server db to SQLite - Google Search[^] - it shows a lot of routes to get from one DB system to the other.

Then it's down to your code: I wouldn't do a direct conversion of Java to C# because while that is possible, you don't necessarily end up with good code in the target language when you do a blind conversion between any two languages - and this is probably something you will need to modify and maintain for years to come, so it's worth getting the best starting code you can!
Instead, us eteh Java app as a template, a specification - and write new C# code to do the job properly using .NET instead of the Java framework.

Be aware that SQLite is just that: "Lite" - it doesn't contain all the features and facilities that "full fat" Sql Server does, and you will probably have to make significant changes if your java app uses anything "clever". For example, SQLite does not support stored procedures.
Also remember that SQLite is not and never will be a multiuser database: you will have horrible problems if you try!
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Ailiseu Brigitta 16-Nov-22 5:03am    
thank you
OriginalGriff 16-Nov-22 5:24am    
You're welcome!
There are database conversion tools like: Dbmate[^] and Data Puppy Lite (64-bit) - Windows 10 Download[^]
For more options just Google "What are the best relational database migration tools?"
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