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Write 3 programs. Two of the programs would be producer process which write
the value of temperature (at every 3 second) and pressure( every 3 second)
respectively into a shared memory segment with 2 locations ( One for temperature of float data type and one for pressure of double data type). The third process would be a consumer process which would consume and display the current pressure and temperature at every 3 seconds.

What I have tried:

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
     int tmp;

	printf("Input days temperature : ");
		printf("Freezing weather.\n");
   else if(tmp<10)
		printf("Very cold weather.\n");
	else if(tmp<20)
		printf("Cold weather.\n");
	else if(tmp<30)
		printf("Normal in temp.\n");
	else if(tmp<40)
		printf("Its Hot.\n");
		printf("Its very hot.\n");
Updated 19-Nov-22 16:17pm

1 solution

This is your homework/assignment. Google Search will find many of the answers for you... Learn to use it as a research tool. I'll get you started...

c shared memory between processes - Google Search[^] - the very first search result has answers for you: How to use shared memory with Linux in C[^] ... there are many other solutions available...
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