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I am trying to use a list join on relationship in order to have the data in a particular order before doing any additional processes.

Here is what I have:

 Dim Relationship As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)() From {

        Dim query As EnumerableRowCollection(Of DataRow) = From item In dt.AsEnumerable() Order By item.Field(Of Long)(sort_str), item.Field(Of String)("Relationship")., item.Field(Of String)("Relationship").StartsWith("Spouse"), item.Field(Of String)("Relationship").StartsWith("Child"), item.Field(Of String)("Last_name"), item.Field(Of String)("First_name") Select item
        Dim result = query.CopyToDataTable()
        Demographic_data_view.DataSource = result

However, the relationship portion of the code should be a join, but I can not seem to add a join in between the order by statements.

        'Dim query = From item In Relationship Join row In dt.AsEnumerable() On item Equals row.Field(Of String)("Relationship") Order By item.Field(Of String)(sort_str) Select row

Order by level of importance:
1. Individual ID
2. Relationship (Employee,Spouse,Partner,Child) in that order
3. Last_name
4. First_name

What I have tried:

I have researched for the past couple of days and originally tried to do a simple row order by with each fieled listed above. However, the data is not coming out right do to the order being wrong.
Updated 22-Nov-22 14:55pm

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