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I'm not familiar with AJAX. I've been reviewing some AJAX codes and have questions about URL representations.
1. newAJAXCommand('scan.cgi?getBss=0' + currBss.toString(16));
2. newAJAXCommand('scan.cgi?getBss=' + currBss.toString(16));
3. newAJAXCommand('scan.cgi?scan=1');

where currBss is an integer.

According to the function spec of newAJAXCommand(), the parameter should be a URL. As I know, scan.cgi is a file and a URL. What do the text after 'scan.cgi', such as "?getBss=0", "?getBss=" and "?scan=1" mean?

Is there any material explaining such kind of technical details? I browsed some AJAX or JavaScript tutorials but didn't find sections explaining it. Could give me some links about such techniques?

What I have tried:

I didn't find any good explanation for my question.
Updated 23-Nov-22 10:51am

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The part of a URL after the '?' is called query string[^]. It's not specific to JavaScript or AJAX but a part of the general URI specification[^] .
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