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I want to copy the Html code section from url

What I have tried:

I want to copy the Html code section from one website how can I do this?
 kindly let me know. Thanks.
Updated 28-Nov-22 1:47am
Richard Deeming 28-Nov-22 5:46am    
Right-click, "View Page Source", select the relevant part, and copy.

Aside from the fact that you haven't actually explained what the problem is, your question appears to have nothing to do with writing code, and is therefore off-topic.

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What Rsays is true, but ... just copying the HTML is probably going to be completely useless to you.

HTML is the "raw rendering" of a page at the moment it was initially sent to the browser: it's not necessarily an accurate representation of the page as displayed, or of the data behind it. It can be affected or modified by AJAX requests, the javascript that is included with it, javascript packages that are referenced and called within it, extensions loading in the actual browser, or even the user via the browser console Richard is discussing.

HMTL is not the whole website: it's just a mostly-complete "snapshot" of a page - the real work is done in the code behind, where you will have no access at all!

And depending on what you want to do with the HTML, that could be very important!
You should probably sit down and think pretty hard about what processing your intend to put the HTML through before you go any further, as it is very likely that this is the wrong approach entirely.
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