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I have 32 bit regional font Editor which is working fine in windows 32bit. but I want to to install onto 64 bit OS can any help appreciate. I have tried but not installing having runtime error.

What I have tried:

I tried to instal on 64bit having intall but when I run lock exe file its shows runtime errors
I think 64 bit has two folders of programme files
Updated 2-Dec-22 2:55am
Richard Deeming 2-Dec-22 8:48am    
32-bit applications generally work fine on a 64-bit OS. You haven't provided any details of the error, so nobody can suggest what the cause might be.

And apart from that, your question appears to have nothing to do with writing code, and is therefore off-topic for this site.

1 solution

Yes, 64bit Windows has "Program Files" and "Program Files x86" which hold 64 and 32 bit app respectively.
However, most 32 bit apps will still install and run on a 64 bit windows without problems.

But that doesn't mean yours will, at all - the most likely run time error you will get is an access violation, because 32 bit OSes are pretty old now - you can install Win 10 in 32 bit mode, but I'm not aware of anyone who has.
Modern OSes (basically Vista onwards) have increased the level of security to the point where many apps which tried to read / write files anywhere they wanted, or blindly access the Registry cannot run under later OSes without admin access (which means running the app in Admin mode and passing UAC to get there each time you run it).
YOu can try running your app in Admin and see if that works, but we probably can't help you more than that - I'd contact the original authors of the app and see if they have an updated version.
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ubaid_ali 2-Dec-22 11:20am    
Yes many apps intalling fine this is I need the app the author is no longer available to update its very old app I am using since XP. 32 bit supporting ram is 4gb I need more ram so want 64 bit OS is there any forum where I can solve the Issue.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Dec-22 11:52am    
If the machine was running XP, you would probably have to replace the entire machine to run a 64-bit Windows today.
OriginalGriff 2-Dec-22 12:08pm    
Without the source? No.
Ancient programs like that made heavy use of the Registry, which is not allowed in more modern OS's. You'd need the source code and a reasonably competent developer to get it up to modern standards!

Much, much cheaper to find a modern app that does the same thing!

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