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I am working on a simple React app which is a blog app.

I have a component which is used to display the name of the Author.

import React from "react";
import { useSelector } from "react-redux";

const AuthorPost = ({ authorId }) => {
  console.log(authorId); // Prints authorId as expected
  const authors = useSelector((store) =>;
  console.log(authors); // Prints array
  const author = authors.find((author) => === authorId);
  console.log(author); // Prints undefined

  return <span>{author ? : "unknown author"}</span>;

export default AuthorPost;


The following line is used to find the author whose id matches the authorId. authorId is a prop that we get from a different component.

I have console logged both authorId and separately. And it works.
But if I try to find an author which has an which matches authorId then I get undefined. I am pulling my hair for hours on this particular problem. Need help.

What I have tried:

I have tried console logging both and authorId. Technically it should work.
Chris Copeland 3-Dec-22 15:20pm    
What are the types of authorId and The === comparator checks for types as well, so if is a string and authorId is a number, the find() would fail. You can check using typeof(authorId) and typeof( If they're not the same then that explains the problem.

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