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I am writing a program which needs several queries. all these queries work on the same table joins. I mean, three tables should be joined, but after that, different "select" employ on the result in each query. I want not to repeat table joins. How can I do that?

now I wrote a function to join tables as follows:
protected function sales_marketer_customres_join(){

        return sales::Join('marketers', 'sales.marketer_id', '=', '')
            ->join('customers', 'sales.customer_id', '=', '')
           ->whereIn(DB::raw("substr(, 5, 2)"),$this->month);

then, for each query, I called this function. for example:
-> where('marketer_id','=',$marketer_id)
    ->select('customers.*','marketers.*','sales.*',DB::raw("SUM(sales) as sales"))

the problem is that, this joins repeats for each query.

What I have tried:

in order to solve the problem, I defined a variable and put the output of "sales_marketer_customres_join" function in it and used it in other queries. but, it seems that when the select part gets run, the content of the variable changes. same as follows:
protected $sales_marketer_customres_join;

then, I initialized it in the constructor:

but,it seems that the content of this variable changes after employing each "select" on it. so, for the next query it does not give correct answer.
Updated 3-Dec-22 2:17am
Graeme_Grant 3-Dec-22 8:30am    
Use a view...
Paul Maxwell 2023 9-Mar-23 7:27am    
Why not create a view in the database containing those joins? Then you just have one object to call and can rely on it behave consistently. Once it is created just treat it like a table and filter the data as you would normally. Don't be fooled into using "select *" though - that is false economy.

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