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I wanna save image/pdf file on server/IP computer and access/modify/insert from all connected computer but files are inserted only on server computer

What I have tried:

not able insert image using path "\\\\D:\\Cyber\\student\imagename.jpeg"
Updated 6-Dec-22 6:52am
Richard Deeming 6-Dec-22 10:58am    
There's a secret error somewhere in your secret code. You need to fix that.

Seriously, how do you expect anyone to be able to help you resolve a problem with code we cannot see, running on a network we cannot access, when you haven't even given us a clear description of the problem?

Click the green "Improve question" link. Update your question to include the relevant parts of your code, a clear and complete description of the problem, and the full details of what you have tried and where you are stuck.

That gets complicated if you try to always access via a IP address: you get problems with access permissions, IP address changes (as in if you turn off a computer, there is no guarantee that it will have the same IP address when you next turn it back on), and so on.
Instead, share the folder out using Windows and and give full permission to "Everyone".

Then on the other computers, map a network drive to the share using the original computer name and the share name. Assign that a drive letter ("A:" or "Z:" are usually free these days) and you can access it as if the folder was part of the local computer.
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Well, as Richard said, you have a secret error in your secret code.

What I see obviously wrong is that is not a valid UNC path to a server share. You have to setup a share on the server be able to read/write files to that share. You also have to setup appropriate permissions on the share and the NTFS folder the share is using in order for users to be able to read/write files on the share.

After that, the proper UNC path would be \\serverNameOrIp\shareName\folderPath\filename

Notice, you cannot put server drive letters in that path, like you did with "D:".
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