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I have a table with ENUM field like below

Role ENUM('Admin','User')

I want to create seed file to insert value to the table but its giving me the error "Array to String Conversion".

Please help.

What I have tried:

class UsersSeeder extends Seeder
    public function run()
            $data = [
                ['username' => 'admin',
                'passwd'    => '1234',
                'role'      => 1
                    'username' => 'user',
                    'passwordd'    => '1234',
                    'role'      => 2

Updated 9-Dec-22 5:30am

1 solution

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nyt1972 9-Dec-22 10:05am    
InsertBatch works fine but when I add the Enum field role then it gives the error.
nyt1972 9-Dec-22 10:29am    
Thanks Richard MacCutchan for reply, separate insert queries worked fine for me instead of insertBatch.

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