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I would like to define the below interrupt service routine in my C code.

void check_interrupt (uint32_t var1, uint32_t var2) {

I need help with writing a preprocessor command to achieve below replacement:
void isr_tmr_x_tmr_y(void) {
  check_interrupt (x, y);

I tried the below, but its giving compilation errors:

Any possible way of implementing it differently?


What I have tried:

#define DEFINE_TMR_ISR(i, j) \
void isr_tmr_ ## i ## _tmr_ ## j ## (void) {\
  check_tmr_interrupt( ## i ## , ## j ##);\

Updated 10-Dec-22 8:18am
Richard MacCutchan 10-Dec-22 10:03am    
I just tried your code and it works fine. Please use the Improve question link above, and add complete details of what errors you see.
CPallini 10-Dec-22 13:16pm    
You should post here the exact compiler errors, in order to get better help.
Also better detailing your scenario could be helpful.

1 solution

C# doesn't have a #define in the same way as C / C++ does - you can't define macros or substitutions like you can in the older languages. All you can do with #define in C# is cause a symbol to be created for subsequent use in other preprocessor commands (#if, #elif). You cannot use #define symbols in your "normal code" at all.
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