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Dear team  i am currently learning .net core with mvc using .net 6 version with mysql

I am net to mvc pattern and i have difficuilty in achieving few things.

1. i need to have all common tables in db and need to fetch it in create and edit page i need to fetch the seleced value along with other values with selected value as selected value in dropdown . as of now i am using enum to do it but i want to do it in a tradicional way . also i need to raise error message id the selected value is null(in model.isvlaid )


2. I have a checkbox which will on check it will duplicate / copy the values in the other text box. i need to save the status of the checkbox somewhere prefereably insode db itslelf and i need to insert / update in creatre  and edit page

What I have tried:

there are the two things i am struck at for the pastweek and did some research online and tried some solutions which was not successfull..

i have attaachec my repo link:

i kindly request somebody to please help me to achieve the following.

i have added the db scripts inside the repos in db script folder.

Please help
Jean Ferre 22-Dec-22 13:27pm    
Hi. Could you post your solution and say what problem/error you face?
Member 13998042 22-Dec-22 23:55pm    
hi jeanFerre unfortunately the code is too big to post it in here. thats why i have created and shared a sample project via github. Can you please take a look at it and help me . the link is :
Jean Ferre 23-Dec-22 10:54am    
It is not clear to me where you need help
BillWoodruff 23-Dec-22 9:14am    
"How to achieve dropdown and checkbox value saved and retrieved in .NET" your explanation doesn't clarify what you are trying to do.

"saved/retrieved" from what / to what ? where are the checkbox and dropdown located ?
adriancs 24-Dec-22 11:15am    
I copied your question exactly and asked it at The returned answers provided by the AI has some insights. You may want to check it out :) You did not ask your question on any specific blocks of code. You're just asking for general advice and general insights. That's the answer that provided by the AI >> general advice and insights :)

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