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Write a C++ program using Linked-Implementation of Stack to store information about students as follows;

STD_ID                                // To store Student’s ID

STD_Name                         // To store Student’s Name

English_Mark                     // To store Student’s points in English course

Math_Mark                        // To store Student’s points in Mathematics course

Arabic_Mark                      // To store Student’s points in Arabic course

AVG                                     // To store Student’s Average in these courses

In your program, you must generate a menu used while the user runs the program. The menu must show the following tasks:

1-     Add Student into Stack

2-     Remove Student from the Stack

3-     Update Student’s Info (i.e. STD_ID, STD_Name, English_Mark, Math_Mark , Arabic_Mark)

4-     Calculate the Avg for a specific student

5-     Calculate the AVG for All of Students

6-     Find the Student who has the maximum average

7-     Find the student who has the minimum average

8-     Find the Student who has the maximum points in English

9-     Find the Student who has the maximum points in Mathematics

10-  Find the Student who has the maximum points in Arabic

0 - Exit

What I have tried:

make a menu as bellow and make the operations on it
describe every step you make
Updated 2-Jan-23 20:40pm
Richard MacCutchan 3-Jan-23 4:22am    
Well it is easy to see which student has zero points.
OriginalGriff 3-Jan-23 4:35am    

You tried nothing and the question even lacks of (necessary) details.
Well, good luck!
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