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I am developing a WPF Desktop app to store encrypted notes in localdb database.
I am giving the user the option to either type in the content of the notes in a richtextbox or load a text file.
I don't know which WPF control to use to display the preview of the text file.

Please help.

What I have tried:

I tried using WPF RichTextBox but is does not have a Text or Content property.
Updated 7-Jan-23 6:23am
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-23 11:15am    
That all depends on exactly what you mean by "preview of the text file"? What are you considering a "preview"? Is it a sample of the text being shown as actual text or formatted text? Is it a thumbnail image of the text? Is it something else?
Christopher Fernandes 7-Jan-23 12:09pm    
I forgot mention this the content in the text file is html.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-23 12:31pm    
You still haven't described what you mean by "preview".
Christopher Fernandes 7-Jan-23 12:57pm    
By preview I mean display the contents of the file
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-23 13:00pm    
OK, since you cannot properly describe what you mean by "preview", the best you're going to get is to retrieve the content you want to "preview" and throw it in a browser control. I suggest getting the WebView2 control to show that content.

You can download it from WebView2 - Microsoft Edge Developer[^]

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If the Text you are wanting to preview has images or text formatting you will need to use a RichTextBox, if it is just plain text then a TextBox will work.

To interact with a WPF RichTextBox use a FlowDocument

    <RichTextBox Margin="10">
            <Paragraph FontSize="36">Hello, world!</Paragraph>
            <Paragraph FontStyle="Italic" TextAlignment="Left" FontSize="14" Foreground="Gray">Thanks to the RichTextBox control, this FlowDocument is completely editable!</Paragraph>

For more info refer to;
The RichTextBox control - The complete WPF tutorial[^]
RichTextBox Overview - WPF .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn[^]
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