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I use C# WPF, I am programming an accounting program with a SQL Server database, in this accounting program, data is inserted, updated, and deleted by the user directly in a data grid, which contains a textbox and Combobox elements.

In an issue that I was very confused about, which method of connecting to the database and storing data through the data grid is better?

What I have tried:

ADO.NET with DataSet and TableAdapter like this :

private void LoadData()
       nOTELBOOKDBDataSet = ((SIMPLE_MVVM.NOTELBOOKDBDataSet)(this.FindResource("nOTELBOOKDBDataSet")));
       // Load data into the table PERSONEL. You can modify this code as needed.
       nOTELBOOKDBDataSetPERSONELTableAdapter = new SIMPLE_MVVM.NOTELBOOKDBDataSetTableAdapters.PERSONELTableAdapter();
       System.Windows.Data.CollectionViewSource pERSONELViewSource = ((System.Windows.Data.CollectionViewSource)(this.FindResource("pERSONELViewSource")));
   void SaveData()
       NOTELBOOKDBDataSet changes = (NOTELBOOKDBDataSet)nOTELBOOKDBDataSet.GetChanges();
       if (changes != null)
           //Data has changes.
           //use update method in the adapter. it should update your datasource
           int updatedRows = nOTELBOOKDBDataSetPERSONELTableAdapter.Update(changes);

The second case:

public void LoadData()
       using (DataModeling.Entities dbms = new DataModeling.Entities())
           var RES = dbms.Database.SqlQuery<HUMANS_TBMODEL>("SELECT ID,NAME,TEL,REMARKS FROM PERSONEL").ToList();
           foreach (var item in RES)

Please guide me which is the best and easiest way?
Updated 7-Jan-23 13:39pm

1 solution

Databinding with data models bound to the DataGrid. EntityFramework or Dapr is a cleaner and simpler database framework. There are plenty of Google searchable tutorials explaining how to do both.
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