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I have a project in django, in which I have a table in my html page :
   <br />
<table  class="table table-bordered border-success" ><br />
    <thead style="height: 500%;"><br />
        <tr><br />
            <th scope="col">Serail Number:</th><br />
            <th scope="col">Date</th><br />
            <th scope="col"><h1>Activities</h1></th><br />
            <th scope="col">Numbers/Hours</th><br />
            <th scope="col">Position of Interviewed Person</th><br />
            <th scope="col">Marks (out of 10)</th><br />
            <th scope="col"><h1>Comments</h1></th><br />
            <th scope="col">Attachments</th><br />
            <th scope="col">Refer</th><br />
        </tr><br />
    </thead><br />
    <tbody style="height: 500%;"><br />
        {% for interview in interviews %}<br />
        <tr><br />
            <td>{{ forloop.counter }}</td><br />
            <td>{{ }}</td><br />
            <td style="width: 30%;">{{ interview.activities }}</td><br />
            <td >{{ interview.no_of_Hours }}</td><br />
            <td>{{ interview.positon_of_interviewd_person }}</td><br />
            <td>{{ interview.marks }}</td><br />
            <td style="width: 100%;">{{ interview.comments }}</td><br />
            {%if interview.attachments%}<br />
            <td><a href="{{ interview.attachments.url }}">CV</a></td><br />
            {%else%}<br />
            <td>No Cv</td><br />
            {%endif%}<br />
            {%if interview.refer%}<br />
            <td>Yes</td><br />
            {%else%}<br />
            <td>No</td><br />
            {%endif%}<br />
<br />
        </tr><br />
        {% endfor %}<br />
    </tbody><br />
</table><br />

I want to give the user a button named "export to excel" and when he clicks it the table is converted into excel sheet (or csv sheet using pandas) and is downloaded at user`s side.

Thanks in advance!

What I have tried:

Updated 23-Jan-23 9:06am

1 solution

That's not the best approach. You should be taking the data you used to generate the HTML table and just generate the Excel or CSV file instead. Converting the HTML to Excel or CSV is unwise as the only data type you're going to get is a string, no matter what the data really is.
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