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I apologise upfront as I am new to Dev and researching this for a solution.

This might not even be a big problem and a common issue.

We have a multi-tenant database that has a tables by customer but dynamic columns. Customer A may have 4 columns and Customer B has 12 columns. More tables can be added that are different. These tables can also be modified (add/delete/move columns) over time for each customer.

Most likely the best storage will be NoSQL for storing this data and structure

We want to read this into our C# but as the tables can vary, we dont want to build or hard code a Class per customer or to have to hard code anything.

We use the returned results info to dynamically build a grid(browser). So if customer A select the table they want, they see the columns relavant to them.

To re-itterate the challenge:
- differing number of columns and formats per customer
- in JSON format (could convert to relational/json store if easier)
- need to de-serialise(?) the data but dont know the field names. These are in a meta table though
- max 100,000 records per customer to be returned
- need to figure out the field format (string, Int):stored in a meta table

What I have tried:

Research options for Dynamic Deserialisation and FastMember
Member 15627495 25-Jan-23 2:42am    
to achieve, you have to count the fields available for a user,
then , for each case you will have the good count of 'column' to use.

it's counting fields before you build the grid.
Gerry Schmitz 25-Jan-23 11:57am    
Nulls, variable length strings, and views.

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