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I want to read csv file from the following URL;O=D/"

file name = timetrial.csv

i tried the code.. its showing all files inside the web..
But iwant to read data only from timetrial.csv

What I have tried:

Dim client As New WebClient()
        Dim data As String = client.DownloadString(";O=D/timetrial.csv")

        Dim table As New DataTable()
        Using parser As New TextFieldParser(New StringReader(data))
            parser.TextFieldType = FieldType.Delimited
            Dim headers() As String = parser.ReadFields()
            For Each header As String In headers
            While Not parser.EndOfData
                Dim fields() As String = parser.ReadFields()
            End While
        End Using

        DataGridView1.DataSource = table
Updated 25-Jan-23 21:28pm

I used your URL in a web browser and saw the list of files in that directory. I found the file and right-clicked on it and selected "copy link address". I paste the link in a web browser and the file opened up.

Here is that link:

As for downloading the file, there are a number of different techniques. The simplest is:
Dim Text = Await New HttpClient().GetStringAsync("")
File.WriteAllText("Timetrial.csv", Text)
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Have a look at
WebClient.DownloadFile Method (System.Net) | Microsoft Learn[^]
You will see that here are two overloads of DownloadFile.
You must use the
DownloadFile(String, String)
overload, which accepts a filename as second argument.
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