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I have this in c#
string jsonResultado = await Clases.AccesoDatos.JsonData("SELECT * FROM vistatransacciones for json path, ROOT('product.json')");

where method jsonData is:
  public static async Task<string> JsonData(string SQL)
            string json = "";
            using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(cadenaConexion))
                SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(SQL, con);
                await con.OpenAsync();
                SqlDataReader dr = await cmd.ExecuteReaderAsync();                
                if (dr.HasRows)
                    DataTable jsondt = dr.GetSchemaTable();                    
                    json= JsonConvert.SerializeObject(jsondt);
            return json;

In fact, after the if(dr.hasrows) i do not know what to do, i just want to read following result in my program:

But i do not know how to return the value

What I have tried:

codeproject paper, manuals, microsoft
Updated 2-Feb-23 5:27am

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