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Count day between Two label date

What I have tried:

//Count day between Two label date.

label1.Text = "2023,01,20";
DateTime aDate = DateTime.Now;
label2.Text = (aDate.ToString("yyyy,MM,dd"));
label3.Text = (label2.Text - label1.Text);
Updated 1-Mar-23 20:48pm

Don't use strings ... use DateTime values.
First, convert your string based date to a DateTime using the DateTime.TryParse Method[^] and allows you to tell the user when he enters a "bad date".
Then subtract the two dates and you will get a TimeSpan[^]. This has a TimeSpan.TotalDays Property[^] which gives you want you need.
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private void countDate()
DateTime xmas = new DateTime(2018,12,25);
double daysUntilChristmas = DateTime.Today.Subtract(xmas).TotalDays;
label5.Text = Convert.ToString(daysUntilChristmas);

dateTimePicker2.Value = DateTime.Now;
int daysDiff = ((TimeSpan)(dateTimePicker2.Value.Date - dateTimePicker1.Value.Date)).Days;
label5.Text = daysDiff.ToString();
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Richard Deeming 2-Mar-23 4:15am    
Check your variable names - yours claims to be the number of days until Christmas 2018, but the value will be the number of days since Christmas 2018.

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