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I am facing the same issue. I am using the freeSpire.pdf library version (7.8.9). I have to add one digital signature on multiple pages of the pdf file.
I have added a digital signature on each page of the pdf but when I open the pdf file it gives me an error like the attached screenshot.
Also, I have tried multiple ways but still, I am getting an error as "Signature Invalid, document altered". in this pdf, only the first signature gets a valid signature, and the remaining others get invalid.
Here is my code:-

Some parameters will get replaced by the original passed values

Public Function DigitallySignDocument()
           'Create a PdfDocument object and 'Load a sample PDF file
           Dim doc As Spire.Pdf.PdfDocument = New Spire.Pdf.PdfDocument()

           Dim PdfPageCount As Int16 = doc.Pages.Count
           Dim DteTime As DateTime = DateTime.Now

           While (PdfPageCount > 0)
               'Load the certificate and Create a PdfSignature object and specify its position and size
               Dim cert As Spire.Pdf.Security.PdfCertificate = New Spire.Pdf.Security.PdfCertificate(PfxFilePath, PswdForPfxFile)

               PdfPageCount = PdfPageCount - 1
               Dim signature As Spire.Pdf.Security.PdfSignature = New Spire.Pdf.Security.PdfSignature(doc, doc.Pages(PdfPageCount), cert, NameValue + Convert.ToString(PdfPageCount))

               Dim rectangleF As RectangleF = New RectangleF(22, 40, 160, 44)
               signature.Bounds = rectangleF

               If PdfPageCount + 1 = doc.Pages.Count Then
                   signature.Certificated = False
               End If

               'Set the graphics mode to ImageAndSignDetail
               signature.GraphicsMode = Spire.Pdf.Security.GraphicMode.SignImageAndSignDetail

               signature.NameLabel = NameLabel
               signature.Name = NameValue

               signature.ContactInfoLabel = ContactInfoLabel
               signature.ContactInfo = ContactInfoValue

               signature.DateLabel = "Date"
               signature.Date = DteTime

               signature.LocationInfoLabel = LocationInfoLabel
               signature.LocationInfo = LocationInfoValue

               signature.ReasonLabel = ReasonLabel
               signature.Reason = ReasonValue

               signature.DistinguishedNameLabel = "DN:"
               signature.DistinguishedName = signature.Certificate.IssuerName.Name

               'Set the signature image source "D:\PDFWithDigitalSign2_0\check-mark-2.png"
               signature.SignImageSource = Spire.Pdf.Graphics.PdfImage.FromFile(SignatureImagePath)

               'Set the signature font
               signature.SignDetailsFont = New Spire.Pdf.Graphics.PdfTrueTypeFont(New Font("Arial Unicode MS", 7.0F, FontStyle.Regular))

               'Set the document permission to forbid changes but allow form fill
               signature.DocumentPermissions = Spire.Pdf.Security.PdfCertificationFlags.ForbidChanges Or Spire.Pdf.Security.PdfCertificationFlags.AllowFormFill

           End While

           'Save to file

           Return "Success"
       Catch ex As Exception
           Return ex.Message
       End Try
   End Function

What I have tried:

I tried changing the code.
As mentioned in the document
If PdfPageCount + 1 = doc.Pages.Count Then
                    signature.Certificated = False
End If
Updated 6-Feb-23 22:09pm

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