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i am working a LocalDb Application in Xamarin Form.
My Requirement is to save Data Locally using SQLite DB.
i have created successfully Save interface and method. Data is coming from the xamarin forms successfully but only one data is storing in the class object that is

bool SaveNRCMaterialList(AddMaterialDataIntoLocalDb obj);

public bool SaveNRCMaterialList(AddMaterialDataIntoLocalDb obj)
          bool res = false;

              res = true;
          catch (Exception ex)
              res = false;
          return res;

Friends i just want to save list data inside the

can i have tried so many time please guid me how to insert here using list or how we can convert this into a list form

What I have tried:

if (btnsave.Text == "Save")

              AddMaterialDataIntoLocalDb obj = new AddMaterialDataIntoLocalDb();

                  obj.NPD_OFF_S_NO = txtOffSerialNumber.Text;
                  obj.NPD_ALTERNATE_PART_NO = txtNPD_ALTERNATE_PART_NO.Text;

              //obj.NPD_ON_S_NO = txtOffSerialNumber.Text;
              //obj.NPD_ALTERNATE_PART_NO = txtNPD_ALTERNATE_PART_NO.Text;
              //obj.NPD_REQ_ON_PART_NO = txtOnPArtNumbers.Text;
              //obj.NPD_Part_Type = txtPartType.Text;

              //obj.NPD_DESC = txtdesc.Text;
              //obj.NPD_IPC_REF = txtNPD_IPC_REFERENCE.Text;
              //obj.NPD_POS = txtEnterPOS.Text;
              //obj.NPD_REQ_QTY =txtNPD_REQ_QTY.Text;
              //obj.NPD_NEED_DATE = DateTime.Now;
              //obj.NPD_BATCH_REL_NOTE = txtNPD_BATCH_REL_NOTE.Text;
              //obj.NPD_USED_QTY = txtNPD_USED_QTY.Text;
              //obj.NPD_UOM = txtNPD_UOM.Text;
              //obj.NDP_Updated_By = txtNDP_Updated_By.Text;
              //obj.NPD_Inward = txtNPD_Inward.Text;
              //btnsave.Text = "Update";

            bool res=  DependencyService.Get<ISQLiteNRC>().SaveNRCMaterialList(obj);

                  Navigation.PushAsync(new NRCMeterialList());
              catch(Exception ex)

                  DisplayAlert("message", "Save failed", "Ok");
Updated 7-Feb-23 2:01am

1 solution

According to the code you have posted, obj is not a list but a simple object. If you mean that you want to save each member of the object into a separate field of the database, then you need to redesign your table to accomodate all the different items.
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