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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for any resources that will help me create the algorithms in Javascript that will be used to answer the question.
For instance, I'll shortly be taking an exam that was supplied to me by the Adaface bot ([DELETED]). The majority of inquiries have written code that requests the output and other information, but eventually I am requested to develop some algorithm.
The final question, for instance, is as follows (as taken from their sample test):
"Netflix Favorite Movie Data Analysis" 
a Netflix clone that allows consumers to stream movies is what we are creating. 
Each user's usage is tracked and recorded by our service. 
Each record includes the title of the film, its runtime (in minutes), and the user's total number of minutes viewed. Can you aid in the analysis of certain data?

My question is where I can find such quiz or practices?

What I have tried:

Just had an idea but got struck with algorithm creation.
Updated 8-Feb-23 21:24pm

1 solution

You can Google for how to create an algorithm for films in javascript[^] or similar search.

a Sample app is available at blazing-edge-labs/movie-recommendation[^] with another JavaScript Algorithm: Beautiful Days at the Movies[^] example.
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