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Hi, I have a software in c++ to print with zebra printer but I must change components of labels like barcode, name..I'm searching on google but I don't find...Is there somebody that used zebra printer?

What I have tried:

I tried to search on google, but don't find
Updated 10-Feb-23 4:09am

Try asking the people who know: Software Support | Zebra[^].
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ZPL is pretty straight forward, and well documented. See the Programmer's manual:

If you're new to ZPL, the manual starts off with some simple examples. If you have google-chrome available, there's even a ZPL printer emulator that you can play with here: Zpl Printer - Chrome Web Store[^]

One note about the emulator: If you change the print orientation (e.g. right-to-left), the emulator resets to left-to-right after each print job. The real printer stays in right-to-left mode until either a new print orientation command is sent, or until a printer reset, either power or software.
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Rick York 10-Feb-23 10:44am    
Does one have to really get into ZPL or will the windows printer driver take care of all that?
k5054 10-Feb-23 10:52am    
No idea. I did all my ZPL programming on a Linux box. Testing and learning were all done with text files and curl. I'm old school I guess.
Member 14594285 13-Feb-23 3:01am    
Yes but I don't find a sdk zebra for labels or in c++
k5054 13-Feb-23 10:49am    
You said in your original question that you already have a program that prints some labels. Does it use an SDK, or just send ZPL commands to the printer? If it uses an SDK, you'll have to track that down and get the docs for it. Otherwise, see the programmers manual noted above, and make the changes you need.

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