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I am using the simple-peer and libraries in a react project, to transmit a video stream and display it to all connected devices in a websocket room, I can receive the stream on the other devices when the stream starts but it does not show in the video

if i print the stream value in the receptorPeer event (useEffect) it normally returns the stream
I tried to update the video using the stream directly from the `.then` of getUserMedia and it works normally (but it only displays the video for the user who started the camera, obviously), being that it's the same value, the same stream

What I have tried:


// when the user starts a transmission this is executed

const initiatorPeer = new SimplePeer({
  initiator: true,

initiatorPeer.on('signal', (data) => {
  socket.emit('stream', data)

// here it identifies when a stream is started and in theory it was to change the video

useEffect(() => {
  const receptorPeer = new SimplePeer()

  socket.on('stream', (data) => {

  receptorPeer.on('stream', stream => {
    console.log(stream) //returns stream normally
    videoRef.current!.srcObject = stream
}, [])


socket.on('stream', data => {'meet').emit('stream', data)
Updated 13-Feb-23 11:22am

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