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When sending the request sending a json I get the error " Can't check the token Validity". Previously I have obtained the token which is stored in a variable. The statusCode: OK {200}.

What I observe with the error that is displayed is that the json cannot be sent because the token is not being validated. However, if I do the tests in postman with the token and the json , the result is correct. I am using the RestSharp/ library which is the same one with which I obtain the token.

The code in 2015 that I have developed is the following:

Dim client = New RestClient("" & Var_URLWS & "")
Dim request2 = New RestRequest(Method.POST)
request2.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/json")
request2.AddHeader("Authorization", Mybearer" & MyToken)
request2.AddJsonBody(MyJson, "application/json")
Dim response2 As RestResponse = client.Execute(request2)

What I have tried:

I have tried adding other lines of code like request2.AddBody(MyJson) request2.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache") I have carried out the tests in postman which are satisfactory
Updated 12-Feb-23 19:35pm
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Feb-23 7:54am    
Why do noobs nearly always do this?
... New RestClient("" & Var_URLWS & "")

There is ZERO reason to put empty quotes on the beginning and ending of a string variable. All you're doing is making your code more prone to errors and more difficult to debug.

That line should read:
... New RestClient(Var_URLWS)
Member 12760369 13-Feb-23 8:42am    
Yes, I do hazing, but always with an open mind to keep moving forward. That's why I participate in these groups. I made the change you told me and it works. Thanks for your help.

1 solution

That code doesn't compile, much less run:
request2.AddHeader("Authorization", Mybearer" & MyToken)
                                    ^       ^
                                    ?       ?
You have an unmatched double quote in there.

If it doesn't compile, then that's not the version of code you are executing - so the error you are getting is from a previous version of the code.
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Member 12760369 13-Feb-23 8:47am    
Correct, I mistyped the code when asking the question, sorry, the one that is originally compiled is "request2.AddHeader("Authorization", "Mybearer " & MyToken) and it returns the mentioned error message.
Thank you so much

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