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Hi All,

I am new to core 7.0.

I am working on the web api. However I created one controller with [ApiController] decoration. In the launchSettings.json file it shows port number as below :-

"iisSettings": {
  "windowsAuthentication": false,
  "anonymousAuthentication": true,
  "iisExpress": {
    "applicationUrl": "http://localhost:14023",
    "sslPort": 44381

Means that my Web API will be pointing to http://localhost:14023[^]

However when I run the application and navigate to http://localhost:14023[^]
it shows below error :
This site can’t be reached
localhost refused to connect.

And when I hit the same API URL through Postman then below error coming :-

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Can anyone please help on this.

Initially I thought that it could be related to CORS so I added below code in Program.cs file :-


app.UseCors(options =>

I am stuck on this.

What I have tried:

I tried adding the CORS in Program.cs class as below :-


app.UseCors(options =>
Updated 16-Feb-23 1:26am
Richard Deeming 16-Feb-23 6:26am    
Have you tried connecting on port 44381 instead? Eg: https://localhost:44381/
Member 11052432 16-Feb-23 6:30am    
What does this URL refer?

My Web API URL is http://localhost:14023. I am hitting this URL directly on Browser and Postman.
Richard Deeming 16-Feb-23 6:33am    
Your settings specify "sslPort": 44381. If the API is configured to require HTTPS, that's the port you'd need to use; HTTP connections on port 14023 would be rejected.
Member 11052432 16-Feb-23 6:41am    
I also tried this as well. Still same issue.


1 solution

ASP.NET Core projects are configured to bind to a random HTTP port between 5000-5300 and a random HTTPS port between 7000-7300. This default configuration is specified in the generated
properties/launchSettings.json file and can be overridden. More on this can be found - Configure endpoints for the ASP.NET Core web server[^]

Visual Studio is overriding your port. You can change VS port editing this file Properties\launchSettings.json or else set it by code:

var host = new WebHostBuilder()
            .UseUrls("http://localhost:80") // <-----


Read this solution here - How to change the port number for Asp.Net core app[^]
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Member 11052432 16-Feb-23 9:14am    
Will above port 80 will work for API?

Means If I hit url : localhost:80/api/member from browser or postman.

Will it work?
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Feb-23 9:31am    
As above, if it is http, use 5000-5300, if it is https, use 7000-7300.

I did not test the code, it is based on a solution elsewhere, which is why I gave the link as well, read up some more on the links supplied.

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