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I am trying to insert html

Tag attributes value in mysql as below

<div class="col-sm-6">

                          <p id="idd"></p><br>

                          <p id="path" class="d-none" ></p>


                          <input type="text" id="name" name="name" style="width:300px;"><br><br>


                          <input type="text" id="mobil" name="mobil" style="width:150px;"><br><br>

                          <input type="text" id="email" name="email" style="width:200px;"><br><br>
                          <label>Enter Qty</label><br>

                          <input type="text" id="qty" name="qty" style="width:70px;" ><br><br>
                          <label style="display:inline">Price:</label >
                          <p id="price" style="display:inline"></p><br><br>

                          <label>Total Amount</label><br>

                          <input type="text" id="tamt" name="tamt" style="width:150px;" disabled><br><br>

                       <input type="submit" id="btn" name="btn" text="Submit">


php File is

  1  <?php
  2  $servername = "localhost";
  3  $username = "myuser";
  4  $password = "mypwd";
  5  $dbname = "mydb";
  7  try {
  8  $conn = new PDO("mysql:host=$servername;dbname=$dbname", $username,
  9   $password);
 10  // set the PDO error mode to exception
 11  $conn->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION);
 12  // prepare sql and bind parameters
 14  $stmt = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO myorder ( name, path, mobil, email, qty, price, tamt, myidd)VALUES(:name, :path, :mobil, :email, :qty, :price, :tamt, :myidd)");
 17   $stmt->bindParam(':name', $name);
 18   $stmt->bindParam(':path', $path);
 19   $stmt->bindParam(':mobil', $mobil);
 20   $stmt->bindParam(':email', $email);
 21   $stmt->bindParam(':qty', $qty);
 22   $stmt->bindParam(':price', $price);
 23   $stmt->bindParam(':tamt', $tamt);
 24   $stmt->bindParam(':myidd', $idd); 
 26  // insert a row
 27   $name = $_POST['name'];
 28   $path = $_POST['path'];
 29   $mobil = $_POST['mobil'];
 30   $email = $_POST['email'];
 31   $qty = $_POST['qty'];
 32   $price = $_POST['price'];
 33   $tamt = $_POST['tamt'];
 34   $idd = $_POST['idd'];
 35   $stmt->execute();
 36   echo "New records saved successfully";
 37  }
 38   catch(PDOException $e)
 39   {
 40   echo "Error: " . $e->getMessage();
 41   }
 43   $conn = null;
 45   ?>

input tag value are inserted into mysql table successfully but "p" tag not inserted but its shows below Error

Notice: Undefined index: path in /home/brandstu/public_html/php/order.php on line 28

Notice: Undefined index: price in /home/brandstu/public_html/php/order.php on line 32

Notice: Undefined index: tamt in /home/brandstu/public_html/php/order.php on line 33

Notice: Undefined index: idd in /home/brandstu/public_html/php/order.php on line 34
New records saved successfully

I try but don't know how to do?.

What I have tried:

invested whole day on online. search online regarding the topics but not found solution.
Updated 19-Feb-23 6:28am
Member 15627495 19-Feb-23 5:02am    
".value" is the value of the field you invoke ( when you do document.getElementById("ex_name").value )

to retrieve the 'P id="retrieve"' tag, you can invoke 'document.getElementById("retrieve")'.
".value" is an attribute "value" belonging to the element you invoke.

when you call :
let the_tag = document.getelementbyId("the_target"); // you copy the full element and its childs elements ( all attributes , values , and the html tags inside ).

It's a 'var' like the other, you can send 'the_var' by 'get/post' as usual.
MAHESH WAGHELA 19-Feb-23 6:19am    
by javascript?. if yes then how to utilise?. can you post in details please
0x01AA 19-Feb-23 9:41am    
I'm completely noob on that. But my speculation is, that only input fields will be posted back and therefore are available with $_POST
Member 15627495 19-Feb-23 11:15am    
'$_POST' and '$_GET' are 2 vars 'array type' use in Php,
but also members of CGI ( common gateway interface ) since first web page and 'Perl' exist, as datas exchange tools. [ like Request / Cookie ]

!!- for small datas and so files of big size.

the chain is : "
uri?data_one=var_one&data_two=var_two&data_three=var_three... " 

you can read that channel in your web browser on all web pages.

to come back to the question , a tag ( DOM part ) could be allocated in a var, and the var could be send to the server, by an explicit 'form' and 'submit' , or by a JS script .

to pick a tag :
let myTAG = document.getElementById("the_id") // It's the full spell tag and all inside.
0x01AA 19-Feb-23 11:38am    
Ok then. But then document.getElementById("the_id").innerHTML can get the specific detail?

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