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[EDIT] the solution via workaround is to define a local variable w/ the stored optional value and cast it i.e. to wit as below
auto _const_ptr_ = *optional_const_ptr;
auto _ptr_ = const_cast<add_pointer_t<remove_const_t<remove_pointer_t<decltype(_const_ptr_)>>>>(_const_ptr_);
Greetings Kind Regards i am attempting to cast away const of a pointer target type so that the pointer no longer points to a const type via
it works as shown in first section of code below however in the 2nd section it fails to compile w/ the error message as shown if the pointer being converted is enclosed in an optional<> . i do not understand where the 2nd * in cfoo** is coming from in '_Ty' to 'const cfoo **' in error message . please advise Thank You Kindly
// error C2440: 'const_cast': cannot convert from '_Ty' to 'const cfoo **'
// with
// [
// _Ty=const cfoo *
// ]
// message : Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or parenthesized function-style cast

#include <optional>
#include <iostream>
#include <cstddef>
#include <type_traits>

using namespace std;

struct cfoo {};

int main()
	const cfoo _cfoo;
		const cfoo* const_cfoo_ptr = &_cfoo;
		cout << typeid(decltype(const_cfoo_ptr)).name() << endl;
		auto cfoo_ptr = const_cast<add_pointer_t<remove_const_t<remove_pointer_t<decltype(const_cfoo_ptr)>>>>(const_cfoo_ptr);
		cout << typeid(decltype(cfoo_ptr)).name() << endl;
		optional<const cfoo*>  optional_const_cfoo_ptr = &_cfoo;
		cout << typeid(decltype(*optional_const_cfoo_ptr)).name() << endl;
		// line below fails to compile w/ error message shown
		auto cfoo_ptr = const_cast<add_pointer_t<remove_const_t<remove_pointer_t<decltype(*optional_const_cfoo_ptr)>>>>(*optional_const_cfoo_ptr);
		cout << typeid(decltype(cfoo_ptr)).name() << endl;

What I have tried:

not too much . other than demonstrating cast works if on type not contained in optional<>
Updated 21-Feb-23 8:03am

1 solution

I'm not sure where you're going wrong there. But that seems entirely too complicated. Surely, all you need to do is use const_cast<> without all of the intermediate steps using add/remove_pointer_t?
const cfoo _cfoo;
const cfoo const_cfoo_ptr = &_cfoo;   // has type (const cfoo*)
auto cfoo_ptr = const_cast<add_pointer_t<remove_const_t<remove_pointer_t<decltype(const_cfoo_ptr)>>>>(const_cfoo_ptr);  // has type (cfoo*)
auto cfoo2_ptr = const_cast<cfoo*>(const_foo_ptr); // has type (cfoo*)

// likewise
optional<const cfoo*> optional_const_cfoo_ptr = &_cfoo;  // has type (std::optional<cfoo const*>)
auto const_cfoo_ptr_from_optional = *optional_const_cfoo_ptr; // has type (cfoo const*)
auto cfoo_ptr_from const_optional = const_cast<cfoo *>(*optional_const_cfoo_ptr); // has type (cfoo *)

Which gets you to a pointer to a cfoo, which is what I think you're trying to achieve.
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BernardIE5317 21-Feb-23 12:55pm    
thank you for your kind assistance . the full problem is somewhat more than presented . in actuality the complicated cast is a macro so it needs to determine the pointer target type . for some reason it did not work for a pointer stored in an optional . hence my post . i found a work around i.e. to first declare a local variable w/ the stored value then cast it via the macro -Best

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