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Hi Friends,
I am using Visual studio 2019 and .netcore 3.1.
how to generate single excel sheet in an excel file from multiple datasets,
I am using DocumentFormat.OpenXml nuget package.
I want to first display the contents from table1 from dataset1.
Then I want to display the contents from table2 from dataset1.
Next I want to display the contents from table1 from dataset2.
next I want to display the contents from table2 from dataset2. and so on
This should be done in single excel sheet in single excel file.

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I am using DocumentFormat.OpenXml nuget package.
I have used the following code
private const string noRecordsToDisplay = "No records to display";
	public static byte[] ExportToExcelDownload(DataSet dataSet)
		byte[] byteResult = null;
		if (dataSet == null) { return byteResult; }

		if (dataSet.Tables.Count > 0)
			using (MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream())
				using (SpreadsheetDocument spreadsheetDocument = SpreadsheetDocument.Create(stream, SpreadsheetDocumentType.Workbook))
					// Add a WorkbookPart to the document.
					WorkbookPart workbookpart = AddWorkbookPart(spreadsheetDocument);
					AddSheet(spreadsheetDocument, out Sheets sheets, out uint currentSheetID);

					int rowIndexCount = 1;

					foreach (DataTable dt in dataSet.Tables)
						// Add a WorksheetPart to the WorkbookPart.
						WorksheetPart worksheetPart = workbookpart.AddNewPart<WorksheetPart>();
						worksheetPart.Worksheet = new Worksheet();
						Columns columns = SetDefaultColumnWidth();

						SheetData sheetData = new SheetData();

						// Append a new worksheet and associate it with the workbook.
						Sheet sheet = new Sheet()
							Id = spreadsheetDocument.WorkbookPart.GetIdOfPart(worksheetPart),
							SheetId = currentSheetID,
							Name = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(dt.TableName) ? "Sheet" + currentSheetID : dt.TableName

						if (dt.Rows.Count == 0)
							//if table rows count is 0, create Excel Sheet with default message
							CreateDefaultWithMessage(rowIndexCount, sheetData);
							int numberOfColumns = dt.Columns.Count;
							string[] excelColumnNames = new string[numberOfColumns];

							//Create Header
							Row SheetrowHeader = CreateHeader(rowIndexCount, dt, numberOfColumns, excelColumnNames);

							//Create Body
							rowIndexCount = CreateBody(rowIndexCount, dt, sheetData, excelColumnNames);



						rowIndexCount = 1;


					// Close the document.


				stream.Position = 0;

				byteResult = new byte[stream.Length];
				stream.Read(byteResult, 0, byteResult.Length);
		return byteResult;
Updated 21-Feb-23 3:42am
OriginalGriff 21-Feb-23 9:30am    
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck?
What help do you need?

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Graeme_Grant 21-Feb-23 10:25am    
"I am using Visual studio 2019 and .netcore 3.1." .... WHY??? Microsoft's official support for 3.1 ended in December last year. Read more here: .NET and .NET Core official support policy[^].

At least update to 6.0 for LTS or 7.0. If you're not locked in with corporate policies, then update to VS 2022 ... Community Edition is FREE.
[no name] 21-Feb-23 20:43pm    
Just keep adding more "CreateBody(...)" instead of creating more sheets.
george@84 24-Feb-23 6:16am    
This helped me to implement successfully

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