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I can't seem to find much code or wrapper examples out there that will generate a histogram on a raw file (cr2). After converting a raw to png, the histograms were absolutely not the same. Maybe someone here can provide some incite on packages that help to generate raw histograms? Emgu.CV does not support RAW data images.

What I have tried:

Haven't tried anything because all mention of Histograms date prior to 2019, I cannot seem to find anything current that will assist me in generating a histogram base on raw image data from a canon camera.

Not looking code, just a finger pointing in the direction of generating raw histograms.
Updated 26-Feb-23 18:23pm
[no name] 26-Feb-23 23:32pm    
A histogram of "what?". A histogram is a type of chart; it does not define what "data" is being charted. It's like saying you want a "pie chart", and not specifying what's being sliced.
Herboren 26-Feb-23 23:56pm    
there are four pieces of evidence (raw, cr2, png, canon camera) in my question which suggest I am referring to imagery and 1 hint suggesting Emgu.CV. At which point do you decide to determine the best possible response to this question? The part where you only read what you want, or the part where you're completely oblivious?

I understand despite my response to you I may not receive the answer I am looking for. However, even I could have thought outside of the box and put 2 and 2 together. I've learned over the years how uncouth CP responses can be towards people looking for answers. Despite the age of my profile, I have been here since 2013. Don't bother responding that is going to exacerbate on the problem, just keep moving and let the next individual pass through with a more likely response.

Ultimately I will find my answer with or without CP. But hoping to expedite my efforts from a more tenure source that could help me shape what I am looking for.

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The answer is, of course, "it depends." If the other file formats do not use compression of the color space or the image size AT ALL, it MIGHT generate the same histogram, depending on the conversion to any other format.

Largely, no, you're not going to get the exact same histogram. There will be, at the very least, minor differences.

Gerry asked you a legit question because he might not know what an image histogram is. You went off on him and basically insulted him.
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