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Hey All!!

Website Issue:
I click on a link within the original tab and it opens another tab(tab1). Click on a link in tab1 and it opens up another tab(tab2).

End goal:
Have have links open within the original tab that way users of the site wont be flooded with loads of tabs.

How do I get to this goal? Do I disable/delete something within the JS or HTML code?

Thank ya :)

What I have tried:

Looking at various forum and tutorial sites. Cant figure it out.
Updated 28-Feb-23 15:33pm

Read the documentation on the A tag, here[^]. You're looking for the target attribute.

Unless specified with a different value, the default is "_self", which will open the link in the same tab the link was clicked in.
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MekaC 1-Mar-23 9:07am    
Thank ya so very much Sir this is exactly what I was looking for :)
Thank ya so very much Sir this is exactly what I was looking for :)
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Richard Deeming 1-Mar-23 4:24am    
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