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How do I use a sql statement with If Else statement in my application?

What I have tried:

I have my sql connection open to my database. I have the sql statment. I'm just not sure how to combine that with my if end if statement.

Here is my sql clause:
sqlstmt = "SELECT Color_ID FROM Crayon_LOT WHERE Color_ID = #ADD8E6"

And how I think I should be verifying that a unique S/N is a specific color. If it is, start a countdown.

If Textbox1.ColorID = #ADD8E6" Then
    countdown = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)
            endTime = DateTime.Now.Add(countdown)
End If

I am not sure on how to exactly use the sql within
Updated 28-Feb-23 7:49am
Maciej Los 28-Feb-23 11:12am    
Sorry, your question is not clear. Please, be more specific and provide sample data and expected output. Use "Improve question" widget (on the rigth-bottom corner).
newVBM3 28-Feb-23 12:16pm    
I used the Improve question option. Is it better?
CHill60 28-Feb-23 12:18pm    
I'm sorry it's still not clear. What does SQL have to do with the colour of the Texbox? I think you need to show a little bit more of your code to give us context. Include the sql connection (but not any logon details) so we can determine how you are connecting
newVBM3 28-Feb-23 13:31pm    
For ex. The table in SQL has a column Color_ID and Crayon_SN. The table is called Crayon_Lot. When I enter a specific crayon sn in the textbox, I want the program to scan through the specific table, look at the sn and see what is the color ID for that sn, then start a countdown time.

Here is sql connection:
Public Const CR_Connect "Data Source=MyServerName;Initial Catalog=MyDatabaseName;User ID=MyUserName;Password=MySuperSecretPassword"

Then I am setting up Dim for sql call out.

strSqlConnection = CR_Connect
objcn = New SqlConnection(strSqlConnection)

sqlstmt = "SELECT Color_ID FROM Crayon_LOT WHERE Color_ID = #ADD8E6"

Hope that makes it a bit better.

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Maciej Los 28-Feb-23 15:14pm    

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