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I must Install Package SkiaSharp.Views.1.68.0, but the answers is that this package doesn't exist..if I write in console:
Install Package SkiaSharp.Views I get installed an other version..but I need version 1.68.0..I have package lib but I must install it in my c# library and I need to use console..Is there a way to install package not with nuget but using my package lib? thanks

What I have tried:

I tried to install an other version but I need 1.68.0 version
Updated 5-Mar-23 23:13pm

1 solution

First, the documentation on Install-Package is here[^].

Next, you're looking for the -Version parameter:
Install-Package SkiaSharp.Views -Version 1.68.0
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Member 14594285 6-Mar-23 5:11am    
I installed the package but I don't understand because when I launch software it says: file or assembly not found
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Mar-23 7:55am    
Install-Package will not install from a file and you never said what the errors were when doing that.

You also never said how you got the package installed.

On top of that, I've never used the package, and have no intentions to, so you're only route of support is the people who wrote it. You can find the Discussions forum here[^].
Member 14594285 6-Mar-23 8:26am    
I wrote to SkiaSharp now..anyway..I installed package from visual studio console and when I launch software the error is:
SkiaSharp.Views.Desktop not found
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Mar-23 8:27am    
Then install that package!
Member 14594285 6-Mar-23 8:29am    
but it's a file not a's a file inside SkiaSharp.Views package

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