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Consider the two tables

Table Definitions
Table: dbo.Tickets

Cinema	Month	TicketsSold
1	01/31/23	5
1	02/28/23	10
2	01/31/23	15
2	02/28/23	20
3	01/31/23	25
4	01/31/23	30

Table: dbo.Retail

Cinema	Month	RetailSold
1	01/31/23	10
1	02/28/23	15
2	01/31/23	25
3	01/31/23	30
3	02/28/23	35
5	01/31/23	40

Write a SQL query that provides the cinema and month that had the highest tickets sold and what the retail sold was for that associated cinema and month
Cinema	Month	  TicketsSold	RetailSold
4	     1/31/2023	30	      0

This is my question

What I have tried:

I  wrote a query which is giving following solution

with CTE (ID,Month_name , TSOLD)
	cinema.Cinema ,
	MONTH_name , 
	TicketsSold from cinema
where TicketsSold =
(select MAX(TicketsSold) from cinema)
select ID,Month_name , TSOLD from  CTE
I am getting the following output 

ID     Month_Name       TSold 
4      2023-01-31        30

But How do I get Retail Sold count as 0.
I tried union , join but not getting the output.
Updated 14-Mar-23 1:04am
Member 15627495 14-Mar-23 4:25am    
for the retail solds, you have 'SUM('column')',
to merge rows you have 'GROUP BY column'
An@mik@ 14-Mar-23 4:33am    
If you see the data Retail column is from retail Table and cinema ID 4 is not there in retail Table
and If I join then no data will show.

so if this is the situation then it should display 0. Can you give me practical query demo so I can Execute.

I used join but not getting desire result.
with CTE (ID,Month_name , TSOLD)
cinema.Cinema ,
MONTH_name ,
TicketsSold from cinema
where TicketsSold =
(select MAX(TicketsSold) from cinema)

CTE.Month_name ,
RetailSold ,
from CTE inner join retail
on cte.Month_name = retail.Month_name

Member 15627495 14-Mar-23 5:08am    
as try :

select cinema, month_name, sum(retail) // column needed as answer
from tickets, retail // tables required
where tickets.cinema = retail.cinema // linking the table , as equal 'join'
group by month_name // merging months
having MAX(ticket_sold) // applying one more criteria with 'MAX(column)' use

CHill60 14-Mar-23 7:12am    
there is no month_name column, you can't sum an entire table like that .. sum(retail), why would you group by anything to get a single row and your criteria is missing from MAX(ticket_sold) - all in all nothing here the OP can actually "try"
Member 15627495 14-Mar-23 5:29am    
the 'month_name' column have more than 'months' in.
there are 'month/day/year' in your column.

1 solution

You need to left outer join your CTE results to the Retail table something like this
select a.*, ISNULL(b.TicketsSold,0) as RetailTickets
from cte a
left outer join retail b on a.Cinema = b.Cinema 
	and (b.[Month] is null or b.[Month] = a.[Month])
Use Left Outer join because there is no cinema 4 in the retail table. Try doing this with the lowest tickets sold to demo that it still works

Incidentally, I would do the cte slightly differently
with cte as 
	select top 1 * 
	from @tickets
	order by TicketsSold desc
(I can use the order by in the cte only because I used top 1)
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Maciej Los 14-Mar-23 11:28am    
An@mik@ 20-Mar-23 4:36am    
Thank you it works.

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