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how to Implementation the In-app Notification in Asp .NET MVC 6

What I have tried:

I'm attempting to implement it in C#, but it's proving difficult. I need to follow set rules, like no cloud to use in-app notifications and no SignalR.
Updated 16-Mar-23 10:41am

I would start by challenging the rules you are expected to follow. I can understand that you might not want to use a cloud provider, but the rule about not using SignalR makes very little sense. What is the reason that you are being prevented from using SignalR? You are being prevented from using tooling that is specifically designed to do what you are asking for here.
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Considering HTTP follows a request/response paradigm, web servers can NOT just push a notification to any client it wants. The client ALWAYS has to make a request to the server to get any kind of response from it.

Notifications are pushed to clients and that's something that HTTP just cannot do. You NEED to use something outside of the normal HTTP pipeline, such as SignalR, to push anything to clients.
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