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Finding the second largest
element from a given list
method 1 Sort the list and
remove the largest element and
print max
method 2 sort the list and
using negative indexing print
the second max
method 3 without sorting find
the max of list then find the
next max of the list
by comparing the max
Design algorithm for the
above problem

What I have tried:

def find Largest(list):
sec_Larg = 0
largest = min(list)
for i in range(len(list)):
if list[i] > largest:
sec_Larg = 
largest = list[i]
sec_Larg = 
max (sec_Larg, list[i])
return sec_Larg
def sec_larg_elem_m1(list):
 max_elem = max (list [:-1])
 return max_elem
def sec_larg_elem_m2(list):
 sec_larg = list [-2]
 return sec_larg
def sec_larg_elem_m3(list):
 max_element = max(list)
 sec_larg = max(list)
 return sec_larg
list = [1,5,2,8,9,3,7]
print ("Second largest number:
print ("Second largest number 
using Method-1: 
print ("Second largest number 
using Method-2: 
print ("Second largest number 
using Method-3:
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Richard MacCutchan 22-Mar-23 10:59am    
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1 solution

Start here: Python Indentation[^]

Unless you indent Python code correctly - and I mean exactly correctly - it will not work as you intended.
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