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I wish to deploy a signed Microsoft ClickOnce Application on Microsoft Store. At present, a user can install the signed application by double-clicking on a setup.exe file in a directory with the setup, manifest and support files created by Visual Studio. However, Microsoft Store would like the application packaged up in a single file that does not require access to the internet to install. 

What I have tried:

A very nice article from <a href="(">Michael Sanford</a> suggests referencing a URL to a ClickOnce installation from an MSI file, something that Microsoft Store will not allow. 

This <a href=",click%20once%20has%20installed%20into%20the%20file%20section">post</a> also suggests putting all of the ClickOnce files in an MSI file but lacks details on how to do this. 

Can anyone point me to a well-documented solution to this problem?
Updated 25-Mar-23 12:30pm
Graeme_Grant 25-Mar-23 20:55pm    
Microsoft Store uses a very specific installer and you can not use ClickOnce.
Member 15893644 25-Mar-23 23:31pm    
Dear Graeme and Gerry,

This is most helpful. Would you point me to your favorite sources describing the Microsoft-Store installer?

Also, how would you suggest that I proceed from here? Must I create a new project from scratch or can I adapt my ClickOnce project for submission to the Microsoft Store.

Thank you! Dylan

1 solution

The main challenge (usuall) is to pass the "certification" step; which often involves insuring all the "package" images aren't too big; even though they're generated (color density).

(If you create a store package, you don't need "click once" ... don't even know what would be the point).

And you need to "access the internet" at least once; to distribut the app from the store (which support private distros). Unless you "side load" (publish) the package, which (usually) needs a device connection.

Packaging MSIX apps - MSIX | Microsoft Learn[^]
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