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Hi All,
Tried Googling this came up with Various ways. Not however a method I have used in the past.
using Microsoft.VisualBasic;

I think then something like
string StringInput;
StringInput = VisualBasic.InputBox(InputString,"Title","", 100,100);

This does not seem to work, I'm pretty sure I did it Vis Studio 2008 with C#.For reason I don't fully under stand I have to use 2005 and would like to do something simplier...

What I have tried:

Google, Hunting my code, there must be a simple way of doing it?
Updated 25-Mar-23 21:02pm
Graeme_Grant 25-Mar-23 23:01pm    
Simpler than 1 line of code????
[no name] 26-Mar-23 0:52am    
If it's a "C# project", by default, you have to add references to VB libs yourself.

Given you want to do it in .NET Framework, you possibly can try below:

1. Add a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic
2. Refer namespace Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction (InputBox is in this namespace)
using Microsoft.VisualBasic;
// OR using Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction;
3. Try something like below:
// Only the first argument (prompt) is mandatory
string input = Interaction.InputBox("Prompt", "Title", "Default", x_coordinate, y_coordinate);

As I was shared, this might not work in .NET Core though.
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glennPattonWork3 26-Mar-23 6:39am    
Works, Thank You!
It may be simpler, but it's not particularly efficient to drag the whole of the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly into your app just to use a feature that you could replicate yourself in a couple of minutes!

Instead, I'd consider creating your own control library in a separate assembly, and put your own InputBox in there if you need one: a simple form with Prompt, Title, and Value properties that allows the user to enter a string is the work of minutes to create, and you can personalise it in so many ways!

That way, you start building a library of your own "look and feel" stuff for your apps instead of adding a lot of junk along with a single outdated component you want.
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This is a nice CodeProject alternative: Content-driven Input Dialog[^]
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