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I have to make a program that take name of user and when two specific names like (Alice and Bob) these names given by user than program say hello to them like this:
What is your name?
Hello! Alice.
I don't know you Ben
I want to make this program in C language without using string.

What I have tried:

I tried this :(
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  char name[30];
   printf("Enter your name please!\n");
   scanf("%s", name);
   if (name=="Alice"||name=="Bob")
   printf("Hello %s" , &name);
   printf("I don't know you %s", name);

   return 0;
Updated 26-Mar-23 14:38pm

You will need a loop of some form: C - Loops[^], but you can't compare user input to a string literaL in C - it just doesn't have any idea how to do that.

To compare two null terminated strings in C, you will either have to use library functions such as strcmp: C strcmp() - C Standard Library[^] or write your own character-by-character comparison code.

Do bear in mind that upper and lower case characters are different: 'B' is not the same as 'b' and a simple compare will not match "Bob" and "bob".
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CPallini 26-Mar-23 12:17pm    
Direct comparison of strings doesn't work that way in C, but it would probably be easy to do that with a self-written function.
const char* knownnames[3] = { "Alice", "Bob", NULL };

// ...

if (chk_known_names(name, knownnames)) {
	printf("Hello %s", &name);
else { // ...
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